Group Health &
Employee Benefits

Explore and compare a wide variety of options to find the right benefit package for you & your employees.

Individual Life Insurance

We provide Term and Whole Life, Final Expense Plans & Guaranteed Issue policies for all stages of life.

Medicare Insurance Plans

We help you get all that you can from your Medicare benefits. Talk to one of our advisors today.
Additional Insurance Services

For Employers

Show your employees you care, and they’ll go the extra mile for you.  In the wake of rising healthcare costs and Covid 19,  your employees need more than health insurance to help them maintain good physical, mental and financial wellness.  We provide an integrated benefit strategy that goes beyond traditional health insurance – it is cost effective for all parties, and designed to help employers and their employees be better prepared for the future.

Voluntary Benefits
Expand your health benefit offering without stretching the budget.
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Key Person Benefits
Keep your business running smooth when a key employee is suddenly gone.
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Retirement Benefits
Attract and reward top talent with a 401(k) plan designed for your needs.
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More About Us

Helpful, Effective

Providing stability and peace of mind for individuals, employers and their families with a no-jargon practical approach to insurance which focuses on providing information, clarification, comparison and options.

Insurance is complex and finding the right coverage can be tricky for anyone.  Westwood Agency focuses on guiding our clients with insights throughout the buying process that are indispensable to making good and best-case scenario decisions.  We have no other goal than helping you find coverage you can afford that keeps you protected, helping you to live your life as you desire, and to achieve your goals– whatever those may be.

Helping You Find The Perfect Plan

Requires Options

When you work with just one carrier or captive agent, you have limited options and often are subject to a biased, one-size-fits-all solution. As an independent broker offering solutions from a variety of national insurance companies, Westwood Agency is uniquely positioned to help you determine which carriers are most competitive for your unique needs.