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About Tom Woodward, Co-Owner & Founder

Tom Woodward is a licensed insurance agent with over 30 years’ experience in life and health insurance. For the first many years, he developed skills at top insurers Allstate, American General, and Globe Life. Owning his own independent insurance agency for the last several years, Tom and his staff provide clients with a combination of quality, cost and service with a knowledge of employee benefits, Medicare plans, and life insurance

Tom leads a team of enthusiastic staff members with specialization of job responsibilities. He employs a consultative approach with clients, making their needs his top priority.   He is licensed in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina and authorized to offer coverage from multiple carriers.

Westwood Agency is jointly owned with Angie Woodward, his wife of over 35 years. Together they have a daughter, four married sons and 4 grandchildren. Ask him to show their pictures if you can spare the time.